About us

ActaMedica Editions is pleased to present this site in its own publications and those of the EEA Florence, being the sole distributor.
Born in 2009 in the city of Parma, university eleventh century, offers the medical texts of quality, both for content and for the editorial, in the professional field and in the university.
ActaMedica Edizioni is already a reality, particularly in the field of Anatomy, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine being successfully entered the international market, thanks to the works curated by skilled specialists including Prof. Andrea Alessandrini, Dr. Egle Muti , Dr. John Botti, Prof. Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Dott. Marco Gasparotti, Prof. Emanuele Bartoletti, Dott. Nicolo Scuderi, Prof. Valerio Cervelli, Dr. Peter Gentile etc.
The texts presented by ActaMedica are valued for their informational message / training, focusing on the iconography step by step and making it practical manuals of interest to the medical profession.